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The Dental Age is Here!

The opening of the new Dental Clinic Age was last July 5, 2014 in Libramiento Manual Zavala No 79.

Dr. Cedric A. McMillan, BDS, MAGD PRESIDENT DENTAL AGE, S.A. DE C.V. Writes: Since its inception as Dental Clinic Age in Brookyn, New York in May 1984, we started working and making strides to bring dental care at affordable prices to thousands of people in several countries. Dental Age is focused on the commitment to the patient. Never settle only with the physical, as well as their trust in us as your dental health care provider. Our ability to provide quality care surprising is why we often hear patients say that we helped: “I no longer fear going to the dentist!”

At Dental Age we are using with our patients the latest and most advanced techniques and technology available. “Dental Age” provides a high level of care in dental services that you deserve. Come and enjoy the warmth and care with our Dental services Age.

Irma Leticia Rosado Soto, General Director of the clinic, told us about the different dental options offered as different packages and services. Also, we have free consultation mentioned for any of the treatments, in their different plans: child, individual and family at low costs. We invite you to doctors and doctors and all staff. For you know more about this necessary dental service. A new day in Dentistry The dental Age is here!


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