DentalMex Plan, A.C. is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Cedric Anthony McMillan, a retired British Dentist from the United Kingdom of Great Britain, on March 28, 2012 before Notary Public No. 18, Lic. Salvador Almeida Alvarez RFC DPL1203283J0.

DentalMex Plan, A.C., since its inception has been dedicated to providing Free dental care to young children from poor communities and the elderly, but up until now the association has never received any Private Funding or Assistance, and Dr. McMillan continues to use his own resources to help the less fortunate. DentalMex is one of a very selected few Associations in San Miguel de Allende which has the Authority from SAT to give Deductible Receipts.

164933_489285697805268_659556303_nGeneral Purpose

The aim of DentalMex is to provide a comprehensive program of prevention, maintenance and treatment of complete oral care to the elderly, young children from poor households and children with disabilities The rural areas of the country are the most vulnerable because the inhabitants do not have financial resources to go to the dentist, they have no education in oral hygiene and they are too removed from the population at large where private clinics are more prevalent.
Another factor that affects the most deprived in our Society is the high incidence of diabetes. Unfortunately, the disease has already spread to children with obesity problems so we are now compelled to pay more attention to prevention and nutrition.


The Mission of DentalMex is Education, Participation and Indoctrination. The public needs to be educated on proper dieting and the importance of proper oral hygiene and the prevention of Oral diseases such as gingivitis and Periodontitis. A large percentage of the adult populations of Mexico suffer from Gingivitis and Periodontitis.
These diseases are directly related to diet and poor oral hygiene. Our objective , therefore, is to provide a program of Preventive Dental Care to the community at large, and to educate them of the importance of diet, Proper and Regular Brushing and Good Oral Hygiene, which is part of the core values of our dental team.
In a culture where most people do not have access to a dentist due to their financial situation and poor education, one of the objectives of DentalMex is to provide affordable dental care to this group of citizens and to offer them the opportunity of visiting their dentist regularly. Once they become familiar with the need of visiting their dentist and realizing that their dentist is kind, likeable and understanding and their visit was neither invasive nor painful (as is the thinking of most people) , they will soon realize the importance of their oral health by brushing two or three times a day. Paying closer attention to their nutrition and intake of sugars and sweet candies and they will not wait to visit the dentist only when they are in pain.


The vision of DentalMex is to eradicate Gingivitis and Periodontitis in the State of Guanajuato, by making Preventive dental treatment accessible to everyone. To achieve this feat DentalMex plans to start early educating the young children of the State of Guanajuato, and in particular San Miguel de Allende, on the importance of proper diet and good oral hygiene. Through dieting, proper Oral health education and high self-esteem, we are confident that this could be accomplished.
In the coming year, DentalMex plans to open its first State of the Art Dental Clinic to begin treating patients directly and plans to gradually build its own State of the Art Dental Clinics throughout the State of Guanajuato and to also purchase Mobile Units equipped to deliver quality Dental care to the Poor and the Elderly in Rural Areas.
Help Us Restore Smiles To Those In Need